Coding Bootcamps in Orlando

If you’re looking to position yourself in tech, a coding bootcamp in Orlando is one option to help get you started.

The city has a broad selection of bootcamps for all levels and is home to several major tech companies. Bootcamps offer an opportunity to pivot your career and acquire skills more quickly than by earning a master’s degree.


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UCF Coding Boot Camp

UCF Coding Boot Camp’s full stack flex class teaches students the specialized skills needed to dive into web development in 24 weeks.


Coding bootcamps may provide an entry point for students to learn the basics, or enable advanced coders to brush up on skills. So whether you’re expanding your skill set or making the switch to computer science, there should be a bootcamp tailored to your needs. 

Why Orlando?

Orlando is an up-and-coming tech market, according to the CBRE’s 2019 Tech-30 report. The city has 26,747 high-tech workers, placing it fourth after Kansas City (35,954 workers), Ottawa (33,600 workers) and Tampa (30,824 workers). 

The city has built infrastructure to support the growth of the tech industry, including a 68-acre urban innovation district called The Creative Village. The village offers housing, retail and commercial spaces for businesses, and even communal spaces such as parks. This infrastructure includes a community that fosters support and collaboration. Organizations like Orlando Tech Council strive to improve resources and opportunities for innovation in the region, while hubs like StarterStudio support entrepreneurs. The Florida High Tech Corridor Council maintains partnerships between educators and the industry to help ensure there’s a workforce to support Orlando’s tech growth.

Aside from tech, Orlando is in good economic shape. In 2020, Orlando was the top metropolitan area of its size for employment growth. Based on data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Orlando Business Journal reported that Orlando ranked No. 1 with a 4.8% increase in employment, followed by Phoenix (4.2%) and Las Vegas (3.8%).

What You Will Learn?

At coding bootcamps in Orlando, you will learn popular programming languages including JavaScript, CSS, Python, PHP stacks and more. Once you’ve completed a bootcamp, you may have coding experience, examples of your work and job interview tips. There are dozens of companies that hire bootcamp graduates for full-time jobs. In some cases, bootcamp graduates are directly connected with internships or other educational opportunities to pursue afterward. 

Depending on which coding bootcamp you choose, there will be a particular set of skills you can expect to learn. That’s why it’s so important to find the right bootcamp for you. 

How to Choose the Best Coding Bootcamps in Orlando for You

Choosing the right coding bootcamp for your desired skill set should take priority, but there are several other factors to consider. Ask yourself the following questions while deciding which bootcamp to sign up for:

  1. What skills do you need to work in your desired job type?

  2. What teaching methods do you prefer? 

  3. Does this bootcamp have a reputation for connecting students to internships or job opportunities?

  4. Does the program or do the instructors have any reviews online? If so, are they positive reviews?

Once you’ve narrowed your options or selected a desired program, do some research on cost, course schedule and more to be sure you have the availability and resources needed to complete the bootcamp.

Tech Companies in Orlando

Several well-known tech companies have a major presence in Orlando, including:

Orlando has 3,676 tech businesses (PDF, 7.3 MB), according to CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2020 report. These companies contributed $13.2 billion to the local economy in 2019, employing 7.2% of Orlando’s workforce. The report also indicates software and web development is the leading occupation in this tech sector, with 12,698 developers working in this capacity.

Pick the Right Option for You

Your career goals, time commitments and budget may help guide you to a coding bootcamp that is most aligned with your needs. For a more advanced qualification, completing a master’s in computer science is another option. You may opt for part time or full time, attend classes on campus or take them online, and again, make the choices that suit whatever is most convenient for you.


University of Central Florida info

UCF Coding Boot Camp

UCF Coding Boot Camp’s full stack flex class teaches students the specialized skills needed to dive into web development in 24 weeks.


Last updated: September 2020