Types of Data Science Programs

Data Science Degree Programs

There are a variety of data science degrees to choose from depending on your career goals. Some students pursue a bachelor’s in data science as a first step. Those interested in continuing their education earn their online master’s or doctoral degree in data science. Check out our program guide below:

Data Science Specialties

Another way to gain data science skills at a graduate level is through a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration or specialization in data science, or an MBA in data science. A STEM-designated MBA may be suited for those who prefer to work in a business setting. If you’re set on earning a master’s in data science, some programs offer specialized tracks in related areas of interest such as health informatics, computer science or information systems. 

Data Science Online Programs

Earning a master’s in data science online can help you gain a skill set that can be applied to many industries. Online programs typically offer the same concentrations and curriculums as their on-campus counterparts. Some programs can be completed in less than two years. An online degree may also offer more flexibility and help reduce costs for adult learners. Check out our guide for more information on how to learn data science online.

Data Science Certificates, Bootcamps and Short Courses

If you are interested in upskilling and gaining new skills in less than a year, data science certificates might be the right option for you. Some certificate offerings are aimed at those who are not seeking graduate credits, while other programs help students transition to a master’s degree. Alternatively, you could enroll in a data science bootcamp or a data science short course. Bootcamps and short courses are a quick, intensive way to learn data science. The time to complete these programs varies from a few weeks to six months. 

Additional Data Science Programs

The resources above cover data science programs in the United States. If you’re interested in studying in a different country, we’ve gathered a list of data science programs outside the United States. A program abroad may offer students a unique experience learning data science or it may be a way to reduce costs. It is important for English language learners to check with the program to ensure they are able to understand the lectures and course materials.

If you are ready to apply, this guide on how to write a statement of purpose for data science programs may be helpful for you.