Your Guide for Online Fintech Bootcamps

Financial technology, or fintech, is a field that concentrates on using technology to automate financial services—from the mobile wallet on your smartphone to back-office functions at a bank.

Financial institutions and startups use fintech to deliver operating efficiency and a better customer experience to every transaction. Some fintech companies are using technology to give previously disadvantaged populations access to mainstream banking. Others are seeking to streamline the mortgage process. Behind the scenes are fintech experts who are tapping the power of technology to improve the way people access and use money.


Southern Methodist University


SMU FinTech Boot Camp

SMU FinTech Boot Camp teaches students the key skills needed to tap into financial technology. Students work together with classmates to tackle demanding projects and get hands-on training through experiential learning opportunities and obtain marketable skills.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte


The FinTech Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte

The FinTech Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte was designed to help students prepare for a rewarding career in financial technology. You will gain real-world experience and complete projects using finance-related data sets — allowing you to build a portfolio of work to show off to potential employers.

University of Toronto


UofT SCS FinTech Boot Camp

Through hands-on virtual classes in a convenient part-time format, UofT SCS FinTech Boot Camp in Toronto gives learners the knowledge to start their careers in the financial technology industry.

Arizona State University


ASU FinTech Boot Camp

If you want to tap into the financial technology industry, ASU FinTech Boot Camp can help you get started. You will gain real-world experience and complete projects using finance-related data sets — allowing you to build a portfolio of work that demonstrates your newly acquired skills.

Columbia University


Columbia Engineering FinTech Boot Camp

Prepare yourself for a rewarding career through Columbia Engineering FinTech Boot Camp. This 24-week boot camp teaches the fundamentals of fintech including popular tools and methods.

George Washington University


GW FinTech Boot Camp

GW FinTech Boot Camp was designed to equip learners with the tech skills needed to thrive in the digital environment. 

Rice University


Rice University FinTech Boot Camp

Rice University FinTech Boot Camp teaches students the specialized skills to make their mark in the industry. Through hands-on work and collaboration with peers, learners gain proficiency in the theory and application of financial technology.


What Are Online Fintech Bootcamps?

Online fintech bootcamps teach students the skills to help transition into a new career. The curriculum typically includes topics such as algorithms, machine learning, blockchain and big data.

Online fintech boot camps are designed to enable people to continue working in their current position while taking classes. During the class, you’ll typically create a professional portfolio to showcase your new skills and get career coaching. The education is hands-on, so you’ll have real-world skills developed during student projects.

Online Fintech Bootcamp Requirements

While there are no hard and fast requirements, some bootcamps recommend a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or two years of experience in business, management, finance, statistics or a related field. No programming experience or financial background is typically required. 

What Skills Will I Learn in an Online Fintech Bootcamp?

You’ll learn a variety of technical and business skills and best practices for using in an organization. The curriculum for a typical online fintech bootcamp includes:

Financial fundamentals

  • Advanced spreadsheets
  • Time-series analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial ratios

Financial programming

Machine learning applications

  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Random Forests
  • k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN)
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM)

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

  • Smart Contracts
  • Consensus Algorithms
  • Transactions
  • Validation
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Linear Regression

How to Choose the Best Fintech Bootcamps Online for You

Try looking for a fintech bootcamp that will provide the skills you’re looking for to help improve your career. Check the schedule for part-time classes to ensure it will fit with your lifestyle and other time commitments.

Last updated: July 2020

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