Finding the Best Blockchain Courses For You in 2022

If you’re interested in learning blockchain, check out this guide for blockchain courses in 2020. Already known in cryptocurrency space, blockchain is now used in many other industries, including logistics, health care and trade finance.

According to research from LinkedIn, block chain is the most in demand skill for 2020. Learn how to take advantage of this demand by reading about blockchain courses below.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


MIT Sloan Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

Harness the economic potential of blockchain technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


MIT Media Lab Cryptocurrency

Study cryptocurrencies to demystify their functionality, and understand their impact on the economy and society.


What is a Blockchain Course?

Each blockchain course is designed for your level of expertise. Some are designed to teach you the fundamentals of blockchain and how it evolves, while more advanced courses may show you how to develop blockchain applications. Depending on how you’ll be using blockchain, you could choose to enhance your career and learn how the technology can affect your company. Or, you could choose to pivot your career by learning how to apply blockchain in new ways and to new technologies. Here’s more about each kind of blockchain course.

Blockchain Overview and Cryptocurrency Foundations
Foundation courses provide a general overview of blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies designed for people to learn the fundamentals so they can make business decisions about the technology. Some courses may also focus on strategy and how blockchain will affect the industry they hope to work in or the company they currently work for.

Blockchain Technologies
Blockchain technology courses teach students about the function and overall utility of blockchain to give students the tools they need to create new applications. Most courses cater to public blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are some courses on private and hybrid blockchains.

How Can I Enhance My Career with a Blockchain Course?

If you’re looking to bolster your skill set with business analytics or data security, blockchain may be a good way to change your career. Secure registration, identity verification, and other blockchain benefits are regularly applied to new industries.

Each course has a twofold benefit: they will teach you how to perform a particular blockchain function and how to manage the tasks associated with that function. For example, blockchain developers, who have the most marketable blockchain career according to the Cloud Credential Council, are responsible for creating the actual applications for blockchain within a company. Taking a course specifically for them would teach you about building blockchain from scratch or managing what currently exists. Meanwhile, blockchain project managers need to know just enough about blockchain to be able to provide the blockchain experts, like developers and designers, the information they need to efficiently complete their projects. They may find it useful to take the course so they’re able to work with blockchain developers.

Whether you’ve been hearing about blockchain for a while or you’ve recently become curious, a blockchain course is a great way to start learning. From developing applications for blockchain to understanding the laws behind the technology, blockchain professionals are useful in just about every industry that manages data.

University of Buffalo

Blockchain Specialization

Buffalo, New York

Name of Degree: Blockchain Specialization

Enrollment Type: Self-paced

Length of Program: Less than 6 months

Credits: N/A

Concentrations: N/A

Blockchain Training Alliance

Blockchain Business Foundations

Name of Degree: Blockchain Business Foundations

Enrollment Type: Self-paced

Length of Program: Less than 6 months

Credits: N/A

Concentrations: N/A

Blockchain FAQs

What is a blockchain course?

Blockchain courses may cover a variety of topics. Introductory courses teach the fundamentals of blockchain, while more advanced courses focus on blockchain development. Blockchain course topics may include an overview of cryptocurrencies, use tokens to design digital platforms, smart contracts, block mining and/or applications of blockchain technology.

Is blockchain a good career?

There are a variety of careers to choose from with regards to blockchain, depending on your interests, and everyone’s path is different. Are you interested in building apps or software? A technical career that involves coding or analytical work may be a good fit for you. Are you more interested in the business side of blockchain? You may want to consider a career in business development or marketing at a blockchain company.

Does blockchain require coding?

There are a variety of programming languages developers use in blockchain. Some languages may be well-suited for designing blockchain protocols, backend development or network architecture, while other languages may be used for developing and monitoring smart contracts. If you’re interested in learning more about development, see our programming languages guide.

Is it worth learning blockchain?

To determine if blockchain is worth learning, consider your interests and career goals. There are a variety of careers and companies that use blockchain technologies and numerous ways you can start learning, such as a tech bootcamp or online course. If you’re interested in learning about disruptive technology and/or programming, learning blockchain might be worth it for you.

Last updated: March 2021