Finding the Best Online Data Analytics Courses For You in 2022

If you are interested in learning data analytics to join the wave of data collection, here is a list of online data analytics courses available in 2020. This list offers courses for all expertise levels and includes both free and paid programs to help accelerate your learning curve for a promising career as a data analyst.

Sponsored Online Short Courses

University of Cape Town


UCT Data Analysis

Learn how to sort, analyse, and interpret data to inform business strategy.

Rice University


Rice Data Analysis and Visualization

Reduce decision-making uncertainty with a data analysis and visualization toolkit.

The London School of Economics and Political Science


Data Analysis for Management

Study data analytics with a world-leading social science university.


What Is an Online Data Analytics Course?

An online data analytics course is a curriculum that helps prospective data analysts—or anyone interested in the field—learn the skills to be successful. Teachers provide the tools and resources to improve students’ analytical skills. There are often projects throughout the course that test certain skill sets and a concluding capstone project to demonstrate mastery of the material.

Online Data Analysis Courses

For this guide we’ve gathered information for foundations, big data analytics, data mining, data analysis for management, and data analysis and visualization courses.

  • Data analysis foundation courses help students learn the basics for an exciting career in big data.
  • Big data analytics courses specialize in compiling, analyzing and interpreting large data sets for businesses and to provide answers to their questions.
  • Data mining courses help developers understand how to derive insights from large datasets to help solve business problems.
  • Business leaders learn how to make the most of their data with these data analysis for management courses.
  • Data visualization courses help teach students the newest tools and techniques in data visualization and analysis

Essential Skills for Data Analysis

Data analysts have to solve business problems using large data sets to find the answers. There are many specialties that help businesses derive their answers, but these are the core skills that every data analyst typically has:

How Can I Enhance my Career With a Data Analytics Course?

While it may not land you an entry-level position immediately upon graduation, the information you learn in online data analytics courses may help you become more familiar with the field. As you graduate from one course to the next try asking for a raise or even a promotion because of the new skill sets you’ve learned. Courses are useful for learning new and emerging technologies in the field of big data and may help lead your business to success.

Google Cloud Training

Data Engineering

Name of Degree: Data Engineering

Enrollment Type: Part-Time

Length of Program: Less than 6 months

Credits: N/A

Concentrations: N/A

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Data Mining Specialization

Champaign County, Illinois

Name of Degree: Data Mining Specialization

Enrollment Type: Part-Time

Length of Program: 8 months

Credits: N/A

Concentrations: N/A

University of California, Davis

Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

Davis, California

Name of Degree: Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

Enrollment Type: Full-Time and Part-Time

Length of Program: 6 months

Credits: N/A

Concentrations: N/A

Last updated: July 2020