Master’s in Data Science Programs in Washington, D.C.

Considering a data science degree in the heart of the nation’s capital? We’ve put together a short guide for those looking to earn a master’s in data science in D.C. It has details on schools, scholarship opportunities and job prospects.

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Studying Data Science in Washington, D.C.

CBRE’s 2021 “Scoring Tech Talent” Report ranked Washington, D.C. third on its list of top U.S. cities for tech growth. Within the capital, there are federal agencies, offices and research institutes involved in data science projects. For example, there is:

As the above list shows, opportunities for studying and practicing data science in Washington, D.C. are plentiful.

Data Science Research and Initiatives at Washington, D.C. Universities

As you might expect, many Washington, D.C. schools focus on government, public affairs and international policy. American University (AU), George Washington University (GW) and Georgetown are often ranked in the top 25 Best Public Affairs Schools by U.S. News & World Report.

This has led to interest in interdisciplinary partnerships. For example, Georgetown’s most prominent data project is the Massive Data Institute (MDI), one of only 31 federal statistical research data centers in the country. Those interested in biodata may also want to check out the Innovation Center for Biomedical Informatics at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

GW has developed initiatives such as:

  1. The Center for the Connected Consumer, with a large research stake in the Internet of Things (IoT).
  2. The Institute for Integrating Statistics in Decision Sciences (I²SDS), which focuses on modern statistical methodologies and their applications.
  3. The Shenkman Initiative: Applying Big Data for Political Success, devoted to studying the intersection of big data and politics.

It’s equally important to note that GW’s Virginia Science and Technology Campus is involved in D.C. data science research and initiatives, with a commitment to the Institute for Nuclear Studies Data Analysis Center (DAC) and investment in Colonial One (a high performance computing center).

At AU, the Kogod School of Business also runs the American University Center for Innovation which provides students and alumni with a business incubator and entrepreneurial funds. The Kogod School has also created an education and research initiative, the Kogod Blockchain Hub, which focuses on the applications of emerging technologies.

Online Data Science Programs in Washington, D.C.

Compared to larger states (e.g., California and Illinois), the District of Columbia has fewer options for distance learners. Read our guide to online master’s in data science programs for more information about what to look for in an online program. Below, we explore a few options for data science programs in Washington, D.C.

Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

If you’re looking for a data science course in D.C., there are plenty of respected schools throughout the country that offer online certificates in all kinds of specialties (e.g., data mining, healthcare informatics, etc.). We’ve compiled a list of them in our directory of online graduate certificates in data science.

Data Science Bootcamps in Washington, D.C.

For those in Washington, D.C. looking to enter the field of data science or data analytics, a bootcamp may be useful. Bootcamps are intensive training courses that can quickly introduce you to data science, the study of extracting information from data, or data analysis, the process of pulling practical conclusions from data.

Data science bootcamps in D.C. may focus exclusively on data science or data analytics, or they may cover both subject matters. See our guides to learn more about data science bootcamps or data analytics bootcamps in Washington, D.C.

Data Science Scholarships in Washington, D.C.

We’ve highlighted scholarships and assistantships (i.e., institutional aid) with direct relevance to data science degree programs in Washington, D.C. However, the graduate studies office of whichever school you are interested in will have more information on general aid and alternative financing options (e.g., outside awards, low-interest loans, etc.).

American University

  • United Methodist Graduate Scholarship: If you’re considering AU’s online degrees, the Office of Graduate Studies allows full-time graduate students in distance learning programs to apply for this scholarship. Students must be a full member of the United Methodist Church for at least two years before applying.
  • Hart A. Massey Fellowship: This fellowship is offered to incoming Canadian students who are pursuing full-time graduate studies at AU. The fellowship is applied directly to tuition charges.

George Washington University

Georgetown University

  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Merit-Based Financial Aid: Georgetown offers merit-based financial aid to a limited number of graduate students in its Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics program. Types of merit-based awards include scholarships, assistantships and fellowships.
  • Second-Year Student Scholarships: Once you complete your first year of Georgetown’s MS Data Science and Analytics program, you become eligible for a competitive scholarship for returning students. This scholarship is awarded based on merit. Students must complete a data visualization project as part of their application.
  • Master in Data Science for Public Policy Scholarships and Assistance: The McCourt School of Public Policy offers merit-based scholarship funding and graduate assistantships to students in their MS Data Science for Public Policy program. No application is required, and awards are based on factors such as grades and professional experience.

Data Science Events in Washington, D.C.

Data Science Meetups and Communities in Washington, D.C.

As the hub of the capital region, Washington, D.C. is a great place to network. One active organization in the region is Data Community DC, which connects folks to jobs and promotes the work of data professionals. We’ve highlighted a few of the organization’s many meetups in our list of D.C. data science meetups, but please check their website for a full list of Data Community DC’s meetups.

  1. Data Science DC: This popular meetup is organized by Data Community DC and meets monthly to cover topics such as deep learning, statistical modeling, big data tools and technologies.
  2. Data Visualization DC: It’s all about the visuals. This meetup features tutorials, case studies and presentations on tools and technologies.
  3. DC Analytics: This meetup covers the gamut—from big data and predictive analytics to social media, text and more. The group also hosts job expos to promote hiring from within the data analytics community.
  4. Statistical Seminars DC: The aim of this meetup group is to provide an educational environment for people moving into the data analysis field. The group hosts seminars to publicize different statistical methods.
  5. Data Wranglers DC: The Data Wranglers group meets monthly to discuss data gathering, open data and other topics. Their meetings combine presentations with hands-on workshops.

Data Science Conferences and Workshops in Washington, D.C.

Major data science conferences occasionally land in D.C. For example, the IEEE International Conference in Big Data was held in the nation’s capital in 2016. D.C. also hosts a number of data science conferences and summits focused on the federal government.

  1. Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) Events: ATARC is a nonprofit organization tackling emerging technology challenges in government and industry. It hosts conferences and presentations relevant to the field of data science.
  2. Government Analytics Breakfast (GAB) Forum: Co-hosted by Johns Hopkins University and REI Systems, GAB is a popular bimonthly meeting in D.C. that attracts government workers, industry professionals and academics. The main focus is data-driven decision-making in the public sector.
  3. Data Driven Government: This conference is a smorgasbord of data analytics case studies and workshops, with real-world examples from government agencies. Attendees include federal, state and local government experts, analysts and program managers.

Data Science Jobs in Washington, D.C.

You likely will not have to look hard to find data scientist jobs in the Washington, D.C. area. In addition to federal job opportunities, there are also opportunities within organizations that rely on government data.

Along with the examples we’ve already mentioned, D.C. is home to the Pew Research Center, American Institutes for Research, Gallup and a global office of the Berkeley Research Group. The capital is also the headquarters of major unions, which are increasingly relying on data.

There are also consultancy firms that are taking advantage of available data to further the causes of their clients. For instance:

  • Quorum Analytics has developed an online legislative strategy platform to generate data-driven insights about Congress.
  • BlueLabs, which was created by senior members of the Obama for America analytics team, uses data science in the service of its political clients.
  • Arc Aspicio is an IT and management consulting company that focuses on homeland security and intelligence.

Other notable data-driven companies in the D.C. area include Aquicore (energy data), AgSquared (agricultural data), Morning Consult (decision intelligence) and many, many more.

Data Scientist Salaries in Washington, D.C.

According to O*NET OnLine data, the median 2021 data scientist salary in Washington, D.C. was $102,700. The lowest-paid 10% of workers earned $74,970, while the highest 10% of workers earned $168,520 or more.

Data scientists who work in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria region can expect to make slightly more than those who work directly in the District of Columbia. According to O*NET OnLine, the median annual salary for the D.C. metropolitan area was $120,660 as of 2021. The top 10% of workers earned an average of $168,520.

On the whole, data scientist salaries in D.C. are higher than the national median salary for data scientists, which sits around $100,910.

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Data Science Programs in the District of Columbia

We found three universities offering master’s in data science in Washington, D.C., (or closely related programs, such as master’s programs in analytics or business analytics). The university’s websites will have the most up-to-date information on specific programs.

If you represent a university and would like to contact us about editing any of our listings, or adding new programs, please send an email to

This page includes information from O*NET OnLine by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA). Used under the CC BY 4.0 license. O*NET® is a trademark of USDOL/ETA.

Georgetown University

McCourt School of Public Policy

Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy

Washington D.C.

Name of Degree: Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy

Enrollment Type: Full-Time

Length of Program: 2 years

Credits: 33


Data Science

Admission Requirements:

  • No GMAT or GRE scores
  • TOEFL/IELTS (International Applicants)
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • Resume
Learn more about the Master of Science in Data Science for Public Policy from Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Washington, D.C.

Name of Degree: Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Enrollment Type: Part-Time

Length of Program: Less than 1 year – 1+ years

Credits: 12

Concentrations: N/A

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Resume or CV 
  • Statement of purpose
  • 3.0 GPA
Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Master of Science in Biostatistics

Washington, D.C.

Name of Degree: Master of Science in Biostatistics

Enrollment Type: Full-Time and Part-Time

Length of Program: 1.3+ years

Credits: 32

Concentrations: N/A

Admission Requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree 
  • Official transcripts from all programs attended
  • TOEFL/IELTS Score for International Students
  • Prerequisite courses
  • Professional resume or CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • 3.0 GPA
Learn more about the Master of Science in Biostatistics from Georgetown University