Master’s in Data Science Programs in Nebraska

Considering the Cornhusker State for a data science degree? Read on for an overview of research initiatives, online offerings, graduate fellowships, professional forums, and employment avenues for data scientists.


Syracuse University


Master of Science in Applied Data Science

Syracuse University’s online Master of Science in Data Science can be completed in as few as 18 months.

  • Complete in as little as 18 months
  • No GRE scores required to apply

Southern Methodist University


Master of Science in Data Science

Earn your MS in Data Science at SMU, where you can specialize in Machine Learning or Business Analytics, and complete in as few as 20 months.

  • No GRE required.
  • Complete in as little as 20 months.

University of California, Berkeley


Master of Information and Data Science

Earn your Master’s in Data Science online from UC Berkeley in as few as 12 months.

  • Complete in as few as 12 months
  • No GRE required

Syracuse University


Master of Science in Business Analytics

Looking to become a data-savvy leader? Earn your online Master of Science in Business Analytics from Syracuse University.

  • As few as 18 months to complete 
  • No GRE required to apply


Studying Data Science in Nebraska

Nebraska is the home of big agriculture, a Great Plains state that generates medical research, and the birthplace of Warren Buffett. What’s that got to do with big data? A lot. First, Nebraskan ag has gone high-tech, with unmanned aerial systems (drones) and other data-collection tools stockpiling mounds of information that help farmers manage cows and crops. Second, medical research these days is backed by the Nebraska Research Initiative, a state-funded grant program that’s often used for bioinformatics.

Data Science Research & Initiatives at Nebraska Universities

Students can find all the above specialties at University of Nebraska’s flagship campus in Lincoln (UNL)Read our quick roundup of what UNL and other schools are up to:

  • UNL Big Data, which encompasses the Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative (QLSI), is an interdisciplinary effort with several research areas, including bioinformatics, , mathematics, statistics, computer science and engineering, biological systems engineering, and electrical engineering. On the research side, the Nebraska Center for Integrated Biomolecular Communication is powered by the Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC) facility.
  • But QLSI doesn’t neglect agriculture. The Nebraska Plant Phenomics Consortium (PPC) is hacking agronomic challenges through phenotyping and genotyping of plant species.
  • Outside of QLSI, which is a life science initiative, UNL also specializes in business.
  • One more thing about UNL: It’s a huge football school, and its fanbase is accustomed to winning. To support the program and the school’s other sports teams, the football team formed a Department of Sports Analytics in 2015. The department, run by a full-time staff member and a handful of graduate students, analyzes performance and helps coaches modify their approach to recruiting or game preparation.
  • Over at University of Nebraska-Omaha, that school’s College of Information Science & Technology leads the Consortium for Public Health Informatics. The consortium developed STATPack, a rapid diagnostic device that digitally checks samples for harmful organisms in cases of bioterrorism or disease outbreaks.

Online Data Science Programs in Nebraska

Multiple schools jump into the data science pool at the graduate level, including two concentrating on business analytics. University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the state’s main public university, which may be attractive to state residents looking to save money. Bellevue University, meanwhile, is a private university that gears every program to adult online learners, therefore competing on flexibility. Nurses, meanwhile, can get in on the trend of healthcare informatics at Nebraska Methodist College, a private institution focused on allied health.

Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Business Analytics Graduate Certificate assumes undergraduate exposure to statistics. From there, students learn to do regression analyses, run customer experiments and visualize data sets. The program is best-suited to current business professionals looking to leverage data to fine-tune their growth strategies.

The University of Nebraska – Omaha also offers a graduate certificate in business analytics

Nurses with an MSN can branch into data-driven healthcare with the Nursing Informatics Certificate from Nebraska Methodist College. The program covers how to ethically use data to create patient-centric strategies.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

UNL offers an MBA with a Business Analytics specialization. The courses here don’t match up one-for-one with those in the certificate program, but it’s still probably best to have statistics coursework on your undergraduate transcripts – or take some side classes from UNL. Otherwise, no specific baccalaureate degree is required. Students get all the standard finance, marketing and management coursework with a comprehensive overview of how to create a data-driven workplace using mining and analytics. Nothing too technical.

Bellevue University’s Master of Science in Business Analytics degree also accepts a bachelor’s degree in just about anything for entry. Students not only learn all there is to know about running a business, but also get some IT coursework to become more comfortable with hardware and software design (learning to code is optional). Specialization courses cover data science standards like analytics and data mining.

Nurses have two paths to an MSN on the Informatics track at Nebraska Methodist College, depending on their starting point. BSN holders go straight into a 21-month program, where they’ll complete coursework plus a group capstone project and two practicums. RN holders require 30 months to get to the same outcome, needing undergraduate bridge courses in both nursing and research methodologies before continuing onto in-depth statistical and regulatory issues around client data.

Data Science Bootcamps in Nebraska

If you reside in Nebraska and are interested in pursuing your career in either data science or data analytics, completing a bootcamp is another option. Data science and data analytics bootcamps in Nebraska are relatively short yet practical “crash courses” on the basics of the fields. While some bootcamps in Nebraska focus exclusively on either data science (the study of how knowledge is generally gleaned from raw data) or data analytics (the process by which specific conclusions are drawn from data), other bootcamps combine study of both data science and data analytics. Check out our guides to learn more about whether a data science bootcamps or data analytics bootcamps in Nebraska.

Data Science Scholarships in Nebraska

Although scholarships may be available to all incoming students, fellowships and assistantships from individual departments remove competitors from other disciplines. Check with your department for awards like this:

Creighton University

  • Heider College of Business Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Waivers: Working up to 20 hours a week conducting research alongside faculty isn’t just a resume booster. At Creighton, it also gets you 18 credit hours of free tuition per year plus a monthly stipend for up to two years. Part-time students aren’t eligible for assistantships but can apply to receive 50 percent off the price of one class. You can receive two tuition waivers across your enrollment in the MS-BIA program.

Data Science Events in Nebraska

Data Science Meetups & Communities in Nebraska

Most of the data science communities form in eastern Nebraska, although groups with statewide audiences may make it as far west as Kearney for meetings. There are more communities for data science professionals and students than what you see below, but the following are the most established:

  1. Data Science and Big Data – Omaha: This collection of data junkies meets roughly once a month. Members and externals experts present on everything from machine learning algorithms to graphics processing units.
  2. Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Nebraska Chapter: HIMSS is a national professional society for nurses. The Nebraska Chapter puts on meetings each year, and its informatics committee plans the occasional boot camp for members.
  3. Omaha SQL User Group: This vendor-specific meetup comes together once a month to talk about databases, so don’t expect data analytics to get mentioned every time. Most meetings cover some professional challenges, and presenters hail from a variety of sectors, with recent speakers coming from Farm Credit Services of America and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Data Science Conferences & Workshops in Nebraska

From agriculture to education, Nebraska hosts several annual events with a strong data science component:

  1. Nebraska Data Conference: The Nebraska Department of Education puts on a data conference every year. It seeks to harness educational data to shape learning assessments and teaching pedagogies. The state’s K-12 administrators convene in Kearney for two days of talks from educators and data analysts.
  2. Bridging Big Data Workshop: University of Nebraska-Omaha began sponsoring this one day event in 2015. The goal is to use data monitoring and analytical techniques to maintain and replace the Midwestern bridges most needing attention. The workshop attracts attendees who own large bridge data sets and data scientists interested in infrastructure.
  3. Infotec: This annual one-day symposium in Omaha has multiple tracks, allowing data science to feature prominently. Participants attend a series of short breakout sessions given by educators and IT professionals.
  4. Nebraska Agricultural Technologies Associate (NEATA) Conference: NEATA’s two-day conference and trade show in Lincoln has a track specifically for data management, in addition to research presentations on the latest data analysis techniques from local academics.

Data Science Jobs in Nebraska

Omaha is home to billionaire investor Warren Buffett. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, is the state’s most prominent Fortune 100 memberOrion Advisor Services may also be a good place to start. The company, which has offices in Omaha, recruits financial data analysts who create tools for financial advisors, such as data visualization dashboards. Another big player is Nelnet, a student loan provider headquartered in Lincoln that has opportunities for analysts to help it set proper interest rates and take appropriate risks with its money.

Outside of finances, the company many Nebraska data science grads aim to work with is Gallup. The international polling and analytics firm maintains a big office in Omaha and recruits big data engineers to improve its hardware and cloud-based infrastructure. And defense contractors such as Booz Allen Hamilton have job listings for  data scientists to work at Offutt Air Force Base, home to the Air Force Weather Agency and its database of climate information. Back in Lincoln, you might find a home with one of the companies at the Nebraska Innovation Campus, a UNL-linked research park. MetaGenome Analytics, for instance, is in the DNA sequencing business. And there are even a few pure data science firms in the state. Contemporary Analysis is one of them; it uses predictive analytics to solve problems for regional business clients. It also runs Omaha Data Science Academy with Interface, teaching technically driven courses on predictive analytics, data visualization, Python, and statistical modeling.

Data Scientist Salaries in Nebraska

According to data from the O*NET OnLine in 2020, data scientists made an average $50,530 per year in Nebraska.

Last updated: April 2022

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