Master’s in Data Science Programs in Oregon

If you’re thinking of life in Portlandia, glance through our guide to earning an Oregon data science degree. It has details on everything from university research & scholarships to meetups, conferences, and job opportunities.

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Syracuse University


Master of Science in Applied Data Science

Syracuse University’s online Master of Science in Data Science can be completed in as few as 18 months.

  • Complete in as little as 18 months
  • No GRE scores required to apply

Southern Methodist University


Master of Science in Data Science

Earn your MS in Data Science at SMU, where you can specialize in Machine Learning or Business Analytics, and complete in as few as 20 months.

  • No GRE required.
  • Complete in as little as 20 months.

University of California, Berkeley


Master of Information and Data Science

Earn your Master’s in Data Science online from UC Berkeley in as few as 12 months.

  • Complete in as few as 12 months
  • No GRE required

Syracuse University


Master of Science in Business Analytics

Looking to become a data-savvy leader? Earn your online Master of Science in Business Analytics from Syracuse University.

  • As few as 18 months to complete 
  • No GRE required to apply


Studying Data Science in Oregon

Aspiring data scientists in the Beaver State may be interested to know:.

Data Science Research & Initiatives at Oregon Universities

Oregon universities are right behind the state’s drive to improve its big data reputation, with Oregon State University (OSU) leading the way. Just to take a few examples of OSU’s work:

Portland State University (PSU/PDX) is another strong contender:

And we shouldn’t neglect the University of Oregon (UO) in Eugene:

  • The Department of Computer Science has a number of relevant research groups (e.g. visualization, HPC, data mining, etc.), with similar research highlights in the Department of Operations and Business Analytics.

Finally, we should talk about health. Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is the state’s only public academic health & research university and one of the state’s largest employers. With its top 30 U.S. News & World Report ranking for Best Medical Schools: Research ranked in 2020 and its strong Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE), OHSU is making a name for itself in bioinformatics.

At DMICE, you’ll find:

  • The Informatics Discovery Lab, with its emphasis on local partnerships and hands-on training in real-world data.
  • Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiatives, including several funded Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) grants that are focused on enhancing data science training in biomedical research.

It’s also worth looking at the work being done in OHSU’s Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) and the joint OHSU-PNNL Northwest Co-Laboratory for Integrated ‘Omics.

Online Data Science Programs in Oregon

OSU has data-driven distance learning options, but UP and OHSU also have skin in the game. If you’re trying to assess the quality of a program, you may want to run your eye over our checklist of things to look for in an online data science program.

Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

  • Analytics: OSU’s online Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics is a program that will lay a foundation in analytics. Though it’s packed with statistics courses, real-world applications are emphasized.
  • Business: Offered by the AASCB-accredited Pamplin School of Business, UP’s Business Analytics Certificate comes in three formats: hybrid, on-campus, or 100% online. As you might expect, it’s focused on corporate applications, with courses in database management, decision modeling, optimization, and business analytics.
  • Clinical Informatics: OHSU’s Graduate Certificate in Clinical Informatics can be taken online or on-campus. Aimed at working professionals (e.g. physicians, nurses, healthcare IT professionals, etc.), this program includes core training in biomedical informatics and clinical information systems.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

  • Analytics: OSU’s online Master of Science in Data Analytics is a program with coursework in statistics & analytics and big data & machine learning. You’ll have opportunities to tackle genomics, data visualization, data mining, and more. Like the graduate certificate, all courses are taught by full-time OSU faculty members.
  • Business: OSU’s hybrid MBA in Business Analytics is offered by the AASCB-accredited College of Business. The program has core coursework in management, markets, financial analysis, and advanced information systems.
  • Clinical Informatics: OHSU has multiple CAHIIM-accredited options for healthcare professionals: the Master of Science (MS) or the Master of Biomedical Informatics (MBI) in Clinical Informatics.

Data Science Bootcamps in Oregon

If you’re interested in a career in data science or data analytics, a bootcamp is one way to enter these fields. Data science and data analytics bootcamps are relatively short “crash courses” that quickly help orient students to a new field compared to a master’s program. Bootcamps in Oregon may be exclusively dedicated to data science, the study of how knowledge is derived from information; data analytics, the processes by which specific insights are drawn; or both data science and data analytics. See our guides to learn more about data science bootcamps and data science bootcamps or data analytics bootcamps in Oregon.

Data Science Scholarships in Oregon

For this section, we chose to highlight university scholarships & fellowships that would apply to degrees in our directory. Talk to the university’s Office of Graduate Studies before you make a decision. You may be able to take advantage of in-state rates, low-interest loans, and other “hidden” aid.

Oregon Health & Science University

  • National Library of Medicine Fellowship: OHSU is one of 16 programs funded by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), and this generous fellowship is open to PhD students in the OHSU Biomedical Informatics program. It includes a stipend based on the NIH postdoctoral fellowship salary, health insurance, conference travel, and all tuition and fees.

Data Science Events in Oregon

Data Science Meetups & Communities in Oregon

Portland is awash in data science meetups, including specialist groups like Google Development Group (GDG) PDX. Here are some groups you may be interested in:

  1. Portland Data Science Group: Data collection, mining, retrieval, munging, analysis, and visualization – it’s all here! With 3,700+ members and tons of presentations & informal meetups, this group is a great place for beginners and experts to get their hands dirty.
  2. PDX Data Engineering: This technical engineering group is focused on data-oriented architectures and use-cases; all levels of expertise are welcome.
  3. PDX MarTech: “Mar” stands for Marketing, and this friendly Portland group is deeply interested in the intersection of business marketing and technology.
  4. Portland R User Group: Portland’s local R user group has 1,600+ members and plenty of chances to play around with projects & packages.
  5. PDX Data Viz: If you love data visualization, monthly talks, and lots of exposure to cool work & techniques, this is the group for you! Meetings have strong speakers and are usually very well-attended.

Data Science Conferences & Workshops in Oregon

Calagator is a unified calendar for the technology community of Portland, and it often lists upcoming data science conferences & workshops. You also have the option to take a few days to hit big events in California and Washington.

  1. Cascadia R Conference: Founded in 2017, this young conference aims to serve R users in the Cascadia-ish region (Oregon/Washington/BC). Though it’s obviously focused on R, talks on data science and other programming languages are part of the proceedings.
  2. Oregon Digital Government Summit: ODGS is deliberately aimed at state and local government organizations who want to use tech to implement best practices and spur innovation. We’re talking topics like drones & government, Cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  3. TechFest NW: Billed as a “Global Tech Conference on the Upper Left Coast,” this Portland event attracts experts in tech, design, entrepreneurship, and innovation (and data scientists).

Data Science Jobs in Oregon

Intel has been a major tech employer in the state for many a year, but it’s not the only big cheese on campus (so to speak). Portland, in particular, is stacked with opportunities:

Data Scientist Salaries in Oregon

According to data from the O*NET OnLine in 2020, data scientists made an average $82,950per year in Oregon.

Last updated: April 2022

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