Resources for LGBTQ Professionals in Tech

Diversity and representation benefit the progression of science and technology, but the presence of diverse workers does not guarantee they feel safe or empowered to do their jobs. Discrimination against LGBTQ employees in the workplace has left workers feeling uncomfortable and ready to quit, not to mention at higher risk for depression, anxiety and insomnia.

2018 survey from the Human Rights Campaign found that among LGBTQ workers:

  • 46% said they are closeted at work.
  • 31% said they felt unhappy or depressed at work.
  • 25% reported staying in a job due to a LGBTQ-inclusive work environment.
  • 10% left a job because the work environment was not very accepting of LGBTQ people.

Part of an inclusive work environment means employees are free to be themselves without fear of discrimination or retaliation from colleagues. But if workers feel unsafe or unsure of whether their identities will be respected, it can be difficult to excel at work or establish meaningful relationships with colleagues—both of which are pivotal aspects of professional growth.

Participating in networking or resource groups can help LGBTQ workers find colleagues who are allies in their workplace, and maintain those supportive relationships even when they change companies.

20 Networking Resources for LGBTQ Tech Professionals

  1. 500 Queer Scientists: a visibility campaign for LGBTQ professionals and their allies in scientific fields.
  2. GLAAD: network of 20,000 professionals and allies working to create accurate and inclusive news coverage and media portrayals of LBGTQ+ communities.
  3. Lesbians Who Tech: organization dedicated to increasing visibility, inclusion and community for lesbians worldwide.
  4. LGBTECH: professional organization that promotes diversity and inclusion for LGBTQ workers in tech.
  5. LGBTQ in Technology: group on the Slack app providing a safe online space for LGBTQ people to chat and find support.
  6. LGBTQ Tech Institute: organization offering programming and resources to educate organizations how to support LGBTQ+ communities through inclusive work environments.
  7. National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP): organization focused on building careers for LGBTQ youth interested in the science and tech industries.
  8. Out & Equal: organization working to end employment discrimination for LGBTQ employees in the workplace.
  9. Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM): nonprofit professional association for LGBT STEM professionals offering scholarship, leadership and mentorship programming.
  10. Out in Tech: nonprofit offering networking events and mentoring programs to empower the LGBTQ+ community.
  11. Pride in STEM: charitable trust run by LGBTQ+ scientists and engineers to support the LGBTQ+ tech community through networking events and programming.
  12. Queer Coders: online community of LGBTQ programmers offering chat groups, forums and hiring consultants.
  13. Queer Tech Club: monthly happy hour event for LGBTQ tech professionals working in Chigaco.
  14. Queer Tech Meetup NYC: New York City group dedicated to increasing access and opportunities for LGBTQ professionals in tech fields.
  15. SAGE Cyber Centers: New York City group offering services and advocacy to LGBT older adults who want to expand their tech skills or look for jobs.
  16. Start Out: national nonprofit for LGBT entrepreneurs offering networking resources, expertise and visibility for more than 15,000 members.
  17. Start Out ATX: monthly virtual meetup for LGBTQ professionals in Austin, Texas.
  18. Trans*H4CK: organization developing open source tech products that empower trans and nonbinary communities, such as tech that improves access to social services.
  19. TransTech Social Enterprises: organization providing transgender people with education, support and jobs in the tech industry, and helping companies get connected with the trans community.
  20. Young Professionals with Pride: Washington state programs for networking, connection and learning for LGBTQ+ and allied young professionals 21 to 39.