Applied Data Science

How to Use Sleep Data to Effectively Improve Rest

Most of us are not getting enough high-quality sleep, which can lead to negative health outcomes. Collecting and leveraging data can be key to diagnosing sleep disorders and making targeted interventions to improve sleep.

Skills and Tools for Careers That Bridge Computer Science and Art

At one point in time, many considered a computer scientist and an artist two vastly different careers with very different skill sets. That has changed. Given the ubiquitous role of technology in daily life and culture, computer science and art now overlap in many fields, including architecture, photography, illustration, industrial design and user experience (UX).

The Role of Data Science in Sports

Data science and sports analytics calculate important statistics that are used to increase competition and engage fans. Data analysis also helps teams create winning strategies, scout new players and evaluate player performance.

Data Science in Telecommunications

Learn about 5 key areas in the telecom industry where data scientists are finding careers and creating value (plus some fun history and info on regulations).

Using Data to Determine Baseball’s Most Disappointing Teams

Disappointment is hard to quantify and compare. Expectations build, and then aren’t met. And the greater the expectations, the bigger the disappointment if failure arrives. At the end of the 2019 season, Major League Baseball crowned the Washington Nationals its best team. Few baseball fans believed the team would end the season on top of …

How Data Science Can Improve Mental Health Care

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being, and affects how we think, act and feel. There are multiple factors that contribute to your mental health, such as biological factors, life experiences and family history. Data science, also known as big data and data analytics, is the process of analyzing raw information to find …