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Tech Internship Guide

Tech internships can help you gain real project experience and build important relationships. Read this guide to help you understand the process of getting a good tech internship.

Exploring a Career With Numbers

Careers with numbers usually require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but you can find work in a wide range of professions, including teaching, analytics, geospatial science and data science.

How to Get Into Data Science

As a new graduate, one of your biggest obstacles may be landing your first job. With no experience, it can be tough to impress employers or prove you have a strong work ethic and the ability to tackle job duties responsibly and efficiently. Once you’ve completed your degree in data science, it’s important to learn …

Tech Resume Guide

Your tech resume should reflect your strengths and experience, and how you want to introduce yourself as an applicant. Read our guide to optimize your tech resume.

Why You Need A Data Science Mentor

About three out of four people think that having a mentor is an important part of professional development, according to a 2018 survey from Olivet Nazarene University. But the same study found only 37% of people have that guidance. What can individuals entering the data science industry do to find a valuable mentor, and what can they hope to gain from the experience? 

Tech Interview Guide

Tech interviews can be stressful and long. The following guide will help you understand what differentiates tech interviews from the rest and how you can prepare for one.