12 Apps That Support Sustainable Living

To protect the planet and future generations from the effects of climate change and pollution, more people are paying attention to sustainability and the importance of making environmentally conscious choices. Data science and technology are increasingly being leveraged to examine and address the ways people travel, eat, shop and dispose of trash and waste.

How Technology Can Assist Addiction Recovery

After 30 days of in-patient treatment for alcoholism, Tyler Matheny left with a major question: What now? “I didn’t have the faintest idea of what to do next,” said Matheny, who launched the sober living app YANA earlier this year.

How the Blockchain Can Improve IoT Security

Blockchain technology addresses vulnerabilities in IoT security, such as malware and botnets. However, there’s a learning curve for implementing a decentralized and encrypted data storage system and validation mechanisms are key.

Uses of IoT Technology in K-12 Education

The Internet of Things (IoT) already has many uses in the classroom, and its future remains bright. However, IoT tech should always be integrated into educational scenarios with care to avoid creating security risks or leaving behind students with different learning styles and needs.