Learning Resources

What Is a Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse can amalgamate information from each and every department within a company and can provide an insightful look at how to grow their business activities.

Getting Started With Kaggle Competitions

Kaggle is best known for its competitions—prizes up to $100,000 draw some of the brightest machine learning minds to the site. But there’s an archive of challenges for participants of all levels. Where should beginners get started and what do they need to know before making their first entry? Kaggle is a machine learning and …

Tech Resume Guide

Your tech resume should reflect your strengths and experience, and how you want to introduce yourself as an applicant. Read our guide to optimize your tech resume.

What Is Data Management?

Data management defines the way data is collected, stored, secured, accessed and analyzed. Learn more about what data management is!

Tech Interview Guide

Tech interviews can be stressful and long. The following guide will help you understand what differentiates tech interviews from the rest and how you can prepare for one.