What Data Does Tech Companies Collect About You?

Technology companies collect first- and third-party data using collection methods. They use this data to develop effective advertising campaigns and increase engagement or profitability. Read to learn more!

How the Blockchain Can Improve IoT Security

Blockchain technology addresses vulnerabilities in IoT security, such as malware and botnets. However, there’s a learning curve for implementing a decentralized and encrypted data storage system and validation mechanisms are key.

Uses of IoT Technology in K-12 Education

The Internet of Things (IoT) already has many uses in the classroom, and its future remains bright. However, IoT tech should always be integrated into educational scenarios with care to avoid creating security risks or leaving behind students with different learning styles and needs.

The Importance of Effective Big Data Governance

Big data governance sets company policies and procedures for data collection, access and analysis. Companies with robust data governance plans avoid compliance penalties and have more efficient access to data.

Cybersecurity Resources

From protecting our sensitive data to defending businesses against online threats, cybersecurity is essential in protecting internet-connected systems from cyberattacks. Security breaches cost businesses millions of dollars every year, so it is necessary to keep up to date on the latest advancements. Professional organizations, blogs, websites, books and conferences are all great ways to stay …

How to Get Into Data Science

As a new graduate, one of your biggest obstacles may be landing your first job. With no experience, it can be tough to impress employers or prove you have a strong work ethic and the ability to tackle job duties responsibly and efficiently. Once you’ve completed your degree in data science, it’s important to learn …

Data Science in Telecommunications

Learn about 5 key areas in the telecom industry where data scientists are finding careers and creating value (plus some fun history and info on regulations).