12 Apps That Support Sustainable Living

To protect the planet and future generations from the effects of climate change and pollution, more people are paying attention to sustainability and the importance of making environmentally conscious choices. Data science and technology are increasingly being leveraged to examine and address the ways people travel, eat, shop and dispose of trash and waste.

Tech Internship Guide

Tech internships can help you gain real project experience and build important relationships. Read this guide to help you understand the process of getting a good tech internship.

Resources for LGBTQ Professionals in Tech

Diversity benefits the progression of science and technology. Check these networking resources to help LGBTQ workers find work allies and maintain supportive relationships.

Tools and Tips for Young People to Protect Their Finances Online

When American businesses closed their doors to in-person shoppers due to the global pandemic, digital banking became more than a short-term solution for e-commerce.  In April 2020 alone, new mobile banking registrations increased by more than 200% in the United States. By the end of the year, Accentures 2020 Global Banking Consumer Study found that

Skills and Tools for Careers That Bridge Computer Science and Art

At one point in time, many considered a computer scientist and an artist two vastly different careers with very different skill sets. That has changed. Given the ubiquitous role of technology in daily life and culture, computer science and art now overlap in many fields, including architecture, photography, illustration, industrial design and user experience (UX).